How to protect yourself against APP fraud

Authorised push payment (APP) fraud is where someone tricks you into sending them money from your bank account.

Here are some tips on how to avoid being a victim.


On the subject of paying the wrong people, 3DS data has been wrong for 10 months now. Will it ever display the correct merchant name?


3DS merchant data is extremely difficult to get right. The data we get in during the 3DS flow, to show the notification in the app, is missing most of the data we need to identify a merchant correctly. This means that sometime we simply can’t get the merchant data right :disappointed:.

We’re currently working on 3DSv2, and when release that, and merchants also start using it, our 3DS merchant data should get better.


I didn’t even realise that was an issue for some people. I’ve used 3DS fairly regularly and always had the correct merchant details.

If some merchant data is missing, just don’t display a name in the app, it’s better than it being wrong or changing all the time.

I don’t mean slightly wrong either, the merchant data I see when using AllPay is completely wrong. It’s a completely random company name every time I use it.

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Hmmm, this sounds like a bug. Can you DM me your email address (and some transactions you know where wrong), then I can go track down what’s happening here.

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What happens if the scammer sends some ID like a passport photo?

How do I send money to a bank in Brasil using the transferwise here on monzo app? What the payee name is …

I don’t know about the Monzo app, but it is straightforward on the TransferWise app.

payee - " a person to whom money is paid or is to be paid, especially the person to whom a cheque is made payable."

presumably you want to send it to an account holder at the bank rather than just paying “a bank”

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Thanks. When you go to transfer money international, the monzo app gives the option trough transferwise but in monzo app. I assume it is the same thing is the app but I will check the transferwise app. Thanks


Hello Thomas,

I’ve been scammed by a fake investment opportunity. I’ve put in a case however I’ve been told that they couldn’t recover my money from the receiving bank but told me my case is still with the dispute specialists to see if my money could be refunded to me. Is there any chance I could be reimbursed as I work a part time job and don’t get much, so what I lost is actually quite a big amount and I’m very upset. Is there anything at all Monzo can do under the internal scheme to get my money back.

Didn’t you mention in another thread that specialists are trying to recover your money?

I’m afraid you’ll need to wait. If we couldn’t recover money from the other bank then we’ll need to make a decision to reimburse you from our own pocket. Your money is unfortunately gone at this point.

Reimbursement decisions take some time, but our disputes team will be working one this.

Yes I did, I’ve been trying to find out the ways in which I can get my money back.

Okay thank you. I hope it all goes smoothly.