How to change the cards registered address?

(albert higgins) #1

Hi, i’m just trying to pay for something online but cant remember where my card is registered to, or how to potentially change it??


(Ben Green) #2

The profile page (card icon of the app, then tap the user icon at top-right) will show your registered address.

In order to change it, for now the only way is contact support (best via chat). Eventually though we will have to option to do so in the app without contacting support.

(albert higgins) #4

Cool, does that work on android, the only thing i see when i go to the card page is options to freeze or top up the card??


No way of seeing address in Android but go to Help and feedback option and send them a message from there by creating a New conversation

(Ben Green) #6

Hmm, the profile page isn’t part of the Android app yet then it would seem. The gap in feature parity between Android and iOS is narrowing so it will eventually show you in a future release.

For now all I can recommend is contacting support unfortunately. You should usually get a response within a matter of minutes.

(albert higgins) #7

ok no worries i’ll send them a message. thanks