How many financial goals do you have and how do you organise this in Monzo?

Good point!

This is the IFTTT applet for that.

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Mine has actually changed a few times and will change again in the coming weeks with dozens bonds now being released.


  • LISA - First home deposit
  • Iceland Holiday Pot - Monzo Locked Pot
  • Other Holiday Pot - Monzo Locked Pot
  • Rainy Day Roundups Pot (Car) - Monzo Locked Pot
  • Marcus - Longer Term Savings


  • LISA - First home deposit
  • Iceland/Rainy/Other Holiday - All moved to Marcus
  • Marcus - Longer Term Savings - Move some to Dozens soon :slight_smile:

I’ve got a few goals, some are pots and some other vehicles are not in the Monzo App natively but I use Monzo to help organise it all.

  • Nutmeg LISA (first house deposit) - pay anywhere from £50-£100 in this a month (I’m not min/maxing my availability as this isn’t achievable on my income). I use Monzo to siphon off the money in a month and then pay it in just before I next get paid.
  • Round-ups Pot - a pot on its own that I periodically move into either the Nutmeg LISA pot or a general savings pot
  • Penny Challenge - 1p a day challenge to unlock around black Friday
  • Watch Full Service Pot - I’m terrible at amassing money for one-off things that I really should be saving up for over the course of 12-18 months so I’ve set a scheduled payment to this pot every pay day
  • “Move to Savings” Pot - throw a little in here every now and then and then put it into either Dozens or Nutmeg (trying to amass 1 months salary in Dozens

Thanks for that.

I’ve just set up IFTTT and transffered £32.40 (80 days worth) into the pot so from tomorrow (which should be 81p) I should be set to go! :slight_smile:


Yup, 81p tomorrow, welcome to the club!

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It’s small things with pots that motivates me. For the 1p Challenge, it’s all about the positive look of the pot… I will succeed!



Thanks for the idea! I’ve just changed my pot to the golden colour.

Love the idea of paying into a monthly yearly pot! 110% setting that up today!

Also like the idea of the £20pcm birthday pot as I always forget those sort of things each month!

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I’ve also got a Christmas pot for the same reason.

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