How many customers does Starling Bank have?

Read the 1 star reviews they are ridiculous. One of them calling it “Monza” and saying he’s been with them for years. Another one just the other day talking about “topping up prepaid”, which hasn’t been done in months…

Then you have the others where Monzo have replied and stated their accounts have been closed for FCA reasons… :thinking::thinking::thinking:


I had a look on some profiles who gave 1 star review and those people are giving 1 stars to most banks like metro or others. Imo they did stuff which have broken some laws that’s why they are making fuss about closed accounts and “stolen” money by Monzo.

In my opinion Monzo should do a Have your say about us day. Post your Review on TP. If you do you can get a badge in your profile/account. Something like beta tester or stuff. It is easier to get negative reviews so you need to encourage ppl who are more likely to post something positive, as the rule says, “If I am happy, I say nothing. If I am mad I say that.”

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Brilliant :joy:


I think monzo should get a few verified orders though, their trust pilot score is very low compared to starling and Revolut. The average person will not care if a review is a verified order or not. 8/10 trust pilot score is better than 6/10 regardless of where the reviews come from.


We’re working on it. In the past there was a worry that it’d be a bit spammy but I think we’re beyond that now and it’s pretty clear something needs to be done.

Stay tuned :grinning:


Interesting, I was a fairly early user of Starling but have never been invited to leave a review. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

TrustPilot (and the like) are mainly funded by the businesses listed and using their services, and they grant businesses a number of tools to manipulate how reviews appear. Given this, they’re not really acting in the customers best interest, or in the interest of businesses not paying them. Combined with fake reviews being on an industrial scale these days it’s very difficult to trust any of the review sites.


Just tell TrustPilot and their parasitic business model to eff off?

And the brainless morons that use it too and are incapable of doing anything with their lives without some stranger’s validation?

Too ranty?

I got an email specifically on the topic from Starling just this week, so maybe they’re getting around everyone (not that I was a particularly early user)

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They do…

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I left only one review on trust pilot…
I was really impressed with service and delivery.

It appears to be part of much larger advertising push of Starlings part as they are all over social media and I have even seen them on youtube video adverts

a bit :slight_smile:

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