How long will I have to wait for a business account invitation?

I registered my interest for a business account on I think day one, which feels like ages ago now.

What’s the timeframe on on boarding businesses? Are invites going out at a particulate rate or to businesses that fulfill certain criteria (i.e. turnover or industry)?

I’d really like to set up Monzo business accounts for my two businesses, but a bit miffed at the lack of transparency around on-boarding. It would be good to get an ETA on when I can expect an invitation to set up a business account, given I’ve been a Monzo customer since its beta and also an investor. I thought that may have counted for something…?


As far as I know we’re still in the experimental phase so, from that, I suspect there’s on such thing as an on-boarding rate or an ETA.

They’ve gone beyond the initial 290 businesses but I’ve heard not a lot beyond that.

Same. I need one asap!

Update from last week - 20, 000 applications for business accounts , so far 1,000 accounts issued , ‘looking to speed that up in the near future’ - 9 minutes ish into the interview for those interested.


many thanks Ian

Would be useful to get a ball park ETA, I too registered my interest at the beginning of the year. I have received an email from Starling this morning indicating that they are finally able to offer multiple director accounts.

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Is there any update yet, seems to have gone really quiet? :zipper_mouth_face:

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Just got an email with updates.

We’ve just offered our 1,000th account, but now we’re taking some time to focus
We’ve learned a lot over the last few months, and we think it’s important that we take some time to put all our energy into building lots more things you’ll love.

So we’ve decided to slow down on offering new accounts for now, to concentrate on building more of the features you want in a business account and make sure that everything in the background runs as smoothly as possible.


Seems fair enough to me

Very Disappointed with this :unamused:

"We’ll let you know when we start offering new business accounts again. But if you really need a new business account soon, we’d recommend getting one somewhere else for now. "


I signed up for business banking early and got an email today basically saying that it was still going to be a while before they were starting offering more accounts. I am an investor, was a beta user and short of sleeping with the Monzo CEO I can’t think of any way to speed up getting a business account.


Weird timing for my post as I’ve just received the email too, very disappointing. I’d rather take a basic offering from Monzo now on the understanding that they’ll improve it in time. Thats what happened with my main account when i signed up as a beta user and they improved things over a few years. Thats what happened when I signed up for Plus as soon as was offered it, why should business be any different? To be told to go elsewhere seems criminal tbh, especially after waiting around this long.


I agree, I’m very disappointed and frustrated with Monzo at the moment, especially being told to go to another bank is really not good business, obviously something is not quite right. I’ve waited patiently for my invitational email and now this today, really not happy.

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I can see why you are disappointed, but them actively telling you to go find a different business to meet your needs is rather better than just stringing you along


Agreed, but say that months ago…

Delays delays… I’ve been with Monzo since beta and have applied and chased several times for a business account. Email today stating go elsewhere… knowing there has been a beta I’ve not been able to get on and get a business account really grates… especially when I have held off for so long from going to starling.

… seems like I have no choice but to go to starling… how very disappointing, a business account is far far from rocket science…


Been waiting for personal euro account for more than a year and several months for the Business account. Have no choice, but to move to Starling. In fact, I’ve already moved my personal account to Starling and opened business one with them as well. It’s better to have all in the same bank. Quite dissappointed with Monzo…

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Same, i’d be super interested in opening a business account with monzo too just going to have to wait it out atleast bright side when i do get the chance they’d have fixed all the bugs / added countless features thanks to the inital few businesses :stuck_out_tongue:

Cant wait tho!


When was that ever floated?


I am not bothered, until there is more accountancy software integration I wasn’t going to accept a Monzo business invite. I will stay with Barclays for now.