How long will I have to wait for a business account invitation?

I registered my interest for a business account on I think day one, which feels like ages ago now.

What’s the timeframe on on boarding businesses? Are invites going out at a particulate rate or to businesses that fulfill certain criteria (i.e. turnover or industry)?

I’d really like to set up Monzo business accounts for my two businesses, but a bit miffed at the lack of transparency around on-boarding. It would be good to get an ETA on when I can expect an invitation to set up a business account, given I’ve been a Monzo customer since its beta and also an investor. I thought that may have counted for something…?

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As far as I know we’re still in the experimental phase so, from that, I suspect there’s on such thing as an on-boarding rate or an ETA.

They’ve gone beyond the initial 290 businesses but I’ve heard not a lot beyond that.

Same. I need one asap!

Update from last week - 20, 000 applications for business accounts , so far 1,000 accounts issued , ‘looking to speed that up in the near future’ - 9 minutes ish into the interview for those interested.


many thanks Ian

Would be useful to get a ball park ETA, I too registered my interest at the beginning of the year. I have received an email from Starling this morning indicating that they are finally able to offer multiple director accounts.

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