How Long Until Monzo Leaves Beta?

How long will my card be in the beta mode?


The roadmap doesn’t have a timescale for Monzo exiting the beta program on it?

Would I be wrong in assuming that they would not launch a current account if it was in beta?

Starling (who have launched their current accounts) are still in beta & I’m guessing Monzo will still be ‘testing’ the current accounts for x time.

I assumed the launch of the current accounts to the majority of Monzo customers would “signal” the end of the beta phase. If I’m not wrong, the debit cards don’t have the beta notice on them, do they?

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The previews that we’ve seen haven’t. But I wouldn’t expect Monzo to say that they’re out of beta when the start rolling out the current account to a small number of external testers etc.

So although your suggestion sounds logical, personally I’d rather not assume that any of the steps on the roadmap are the exit point, until the team’s answered this.

Obviously there may be another point that’s not on the roadmap when the conditions for exiting beta will be met.

My guess is that they are:

  • Account & payments systems are stable & reliable
  • Transition of all customers to the current accounts / debit cards is complete
  • Current accounts have all of the core bank account functionality in place

And we don’t know which order those steps will be completed in, though presumably point 1 will have been met before the rollout’s that’re currently in the medium term list on the roadmap start.

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Did not realise that Starling was in beta as their cards do not say this (unlike :monzo:).

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Beta is just a term. There’s not really any definitive point where it would change. I’d personally say that the prepaid system was a beta for the current account system. So I’d say once the current accounts are launched then it’d be out of beta. But that’s my two pence on the idea


If I recall correctly iCloud (website) and gmail were in beta for years…


And hasn’t Handbrake finally come out of beta?

@anon72173902 and @Dunsford, you’re probably right. But I think a bank is a bit different to these other products. There are a lot of people who are not going to trust their money to a beta account. Monzo needs to exit beta to be seen as a ‘real’ bank by a significant portion of the population, so I hope the current accounts aren’t in beta for years!

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Techy people will be put off by beta yes but you might be overstating the number of ‘normal’ people who are.

Judging by the number of tweets I see from people who get caught out by an outage, while only carrying their Monzo card, I’m not sure that many ‘normal’ people understand the implications of Monzo being in beta.

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I guess this is the flip side of what I was trying to say. Most people will see Monzo as a ‘real’ bank, or not. If Monzo stays in beta and you have to carry another card, there are still issues, etc., then it will start getting a bad reputation. Most people won’t knowingly use a beta bank, and if they unknowingly use one, they will not be understanding when things aren’t reliable.

That being said, I’m not worried. I can’t see Monzo staying in beta for years. I think the team are pretty focused on getting a full current account up and running with reliability that exceeds the current big banks.


With the upcoming launch of the current account - does this signify the end of the ‘beta’ for Monzo?

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