How is Committed Spending included in Summary?

  • I have a budget of £500 PM in Monzo’s Summary
  • I’ve now listed one of my subscriptions as a repeated payment
  • This appears as £10 under Committed Spending

When this payment is made, does what’s left of my budget for the month reduce by £10 or stay the same?

e.g. my budget is on £500, the payment of £10 is made… does my budget now show that I have £490 left, or £500?

This come across as a silly question but I can’t seem to figure it out so would appreciate a concrete answer, thanks

Committed Spending is separate from the budget figures. When that £10 is paid, your budget figure will remain unchanged.

As a result, you should budget with the money remaining after the Committed Spending payments have been accounted for.