How do you get debit notifications abroad?

Do they come through SMS or WiFi?
Is original SIM card necessary- are they inaccessible if holiday country SIM
Card in phone for duration of holiday?
Can anyone clarify please, can’t find info online.

My current bank already does that, but due to new SIM card insertion, was not aware of ATM hacking while on winter break. Wanted to find a solution, without resorting to roaming. Would Monzo be my answer?

Thank you for your time.

You need data (mobile or WiFi) to recieve any sort of notifications from any app. It’ll work with any SIM as long as you have a data plan on it.


You need a SIM with new local phone number or is the hotel free WiFi sufficient?

Using the hotel WiFi would mean you’ll only see transaction notifications when at the hotel - if you make transactions elsewhere then you wouldn’t see the notifications in real time.

Depending on where you’re going, you may be able to use your existing UK SIM card at no extra cost - or pick up a SIM card from another UK network. For example, my ordinary SIM is with Vodafone but I buy a 3 SIM when travelling to the US as it’s included in their free Roam Further whereas Vodafone would charge me.

If the local SIM you buy in your holiday destination gives you mobile data access, then that should work fine for instant notifications.


As previously stated you just need any form of internet connection on your phone wether it’s mobile, WiFi or tethering etc


Thank you so much for your kind reply.

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