How cashback works

(Beatrice Borbon) #1

Cashback can be a good way to make a little back on your purchases. Here’s how to make the most of it.

Best cashback app?

Been using TopCashback for a bit this year… soon adds up!


Definitely works and worth the extra few clicks. I’ve always used Quidco !


Always use TCB or if possible my works cashback platform. Saves a fortune.

(Splodf) #5

Jesus! I was happy with my tenner!


Love TopCashback. Have earned just under £4,000 since opening my account with them in 2008. All that money for buying stuff I would have bought anyway. Lovely jubbly!

(Eve) #7

I use topcashback, when they do some offers with accommodation or flight booking sites I get quite a good amount back. The amount you can claim clears quickly too.


Which one should I get, Quidco or Topcashback?

Topcashback seems to be the better one :confused:

If anyone has a referral link I’d be happy to use it :slightly_smiling_face:

(Kieran) #9

(Shreyas Zanpure) #10

Use both. They both had exclusive deals, so one might be better than the other! Here is my Quidco Referral Link :slight_smile:
Also register your cards with them. You will keep accumulating cashback fro in-store purchases, if Quidco has a cashback deal for them.


Thanks! I don’t really want to use both as it looks like TopCashBack has all the offers of Quidco.


(Shreyas Zanpure) #12

In that case, if you have not signed up yet, here is my Topcashback Referral Link


Thank you, used!

(Kieran) #14

Thanks! :blush:


I added my card to the bacs bot. So when I get money I can just withdraw it with no fee to my Monzo account?


(Kieran) #16

Yep thats right :slight_smile:


Wow that’s pretty cool!

Thanks :grinning:

(Shreyas Zanpure) #18

Cashback site, plus cashback credit card works awesome. If not cashback, then TasteCard, or VoucherCloud, Groupon, HotUKDeals. Basically anything that means I do not have to pay 100% of the bill. I have stopped dining out on Weekends (mostly Friday and Sat evening), because most vouchers exclude those days. Eat out on weekdays and get lots of discount!


I am planning to spend around £350 on interrail tickets for a trip after school ends. Am I right that I just click on get cashback now, and then buy the tickets and I get the 3% back?

That’s the offer I’m interested in.

Thanks :grinning:

(Shreyas Zanpure) #20

That’s correct. Also check their tracking stats for their offer. That’s a good way of knowing merchant reliability.