Monzo cashback club


Why don’t Monzo sign up with or and see if the cash users get paid for making purchases can be paid to Monzo accounts rather than PayPal accounts.

Monzo would not have to do anything except allow topcashback and quidco users to pay their cash back to them rather than having to user PayPal for example

It’s on the list for Monzo to do this directly from within your account !


You can do this (it’s what I do, at least). Just select BACS withdrawal and my TCB money ends up in my Monzo account no problem! No reason to get PayPal involved.

Though integrating this directly as above ^ sounds great.

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If this is ever going to happen I sure as hell hope it’s optional and disabled by default. I do not want any of my spending data shared with shady companies like this, even if I get to eat a piece of the cake too.