Home Bargains, Minimum Charge?

Do Home bargains have a minimum charge for buying groceries ?

Not sure they do but a lot of smaller retailers do this. Every transaction I’ve had has been over £5. They did take contactless but not Apple Pay.

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Well now, this is something that’s bugged me.

In Barrow, there are two Home Bargains. In the town centre, there’s a standard sized one. They always stated they had a minimum charge of £1 (which was always a pain for me as I liked buying the 49p 500ml Irn-Bru cans).

However, there was another, larger, Home Bargains in a small retail park which didn’t enforce a minimum card payment. I always got mightily annoyed about the lack of standardisation.

However, you’re probably going to be fine (unless you’re buying something for less than £1, and the manager is a pain).


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I think £3.50 rings a bell but will find out tomorrow

Anywhere I’ve been somewhere that does require a min spend it’s usually £5.
Most places don’t advertise it until you’re at the till anyway.
Fortunately I find min spends are quite rare now.

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Ok I went earlier and there’s no minimum spend

Thats good to hear, unfortunately i live in a small town which needs modernsing

This is what I understood…by 2020 all retailers that want to continue to take card transactions must support contactless. The introduction of contactless should make it cheaper (I don’t know how) and quicker for retailers to take payments and the rollout of contactless should remove the barrier of having to have minimum spends.

I’ve literally stood there in retailers and created a fuss when they insist on a minimum spend. I can understand it with small ‘cornershop’ businesses, but the likes of homebargains can sod-off! I have made transactions of less that £1 contactless in homebargains… so I say consumer power, tell them that they need to take your payment and don’t be afraid to make a bit of a scene.

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