Holiday Pots: Spending Report from Joint Account

It’s cool when Monzo sends me a “Welcome to xxx” notification when I use my card abroad, and also it welcomes me home when I use my card after coming back from Holiday, there’s also a spending report populated after this.

Although this isn’t consistent because now for example we use our joint account for expenditure on Holiday, so it would be really great if this was also available on joint accounts.

What would make this better, is having the ability to manually set holiday mode on JOINT ACCOUNT, where Monzo will start recording any payments that happen as part of the holiday trip, like travelling to station or AirPort, this also should go as part of holiday expenses even while you’re still in your home country.

Also, ideally you want this spending to go out of a specific pot, which you’ve been saving money into for holiday, so when you set holiday mode, Monzo will start charging any transactions from that pot (which will be super helpful for budgeting) and by the time you come back home Monzo will know this (first joint card used in the home country) Monzo will remind you to turn holiday mode off & send a spending report of how much is spent on holiday and then flip back to deducting money from the main account when spending.

Who else could use this feature?

This doesn’t even work on Android, let alone joint accounts


I think it is a bit inconsistent, I do get these reports on my Pixel 3a running Android 10, but they are not accurate, would be great if people vote for this so it gets the team’s attention.

This would be absolutely brilliant. Just thinking of using my GBP Revolut card to get round this annoying gap at the moment.