Hide Balance Option

A feature I really appreciated on my legacy banking app was the ability to hide account balances.

Can we have an opt in hide balance feature on Monzo? Tap the pot/account and the balance appears…

I used this for two reasons:

  1. Out of sight, out of mind saving - I was less inclined to remove money from my savings if I didn’t see the balance all the time.

  2. Not publicising my balance - I often make payments to people when I’m standing next to them, and I often move money between pots etc. while I’m on public transport. It would be comforting to know my balance isn’t available to anyone looking over my shoulder.

Keen to hear your thoughts.


I like this. I think Yolt has a hashing feature that randomises all of the balances and transactions within the app which is really nice. I’m not too worried about transactions but to be able to hide the balance would be nice.


I completely agree with the second point. I think this feature would be really beneficial. I hope it gets implemented soon.


Yes yes yes!


The ability to hide a pot would really help saving.


I have repeatedly ask for this since 2016 as have many others.

I think I can say that as it has been so long it will never happen.


That’ll be why it hasn’t happened yet, I suppose. They can’t bear the thought of not hearing from you :joy:

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They trialled this, this morning & people thought lost all money. So it was quickly rolled back. :joy:


How did I miss that?? At least they tried…

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Sorry my bad. More of a tongue in cheek joke.
There was an issue earlier where balances failed to display in the app.

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Just make it optional if it caused such an issue? I’d like it hidden because of point 2 above but good to view it on demand with a tap on an eye icon or something. It’s a hassle finding somewhere discreet to use the app so people don’t nosy at my balance


I really appreciate this function too!! when you’re in public you don’t want others to see your balances!

Agree this is needed. My other banking app lets me tap the balance and it’s replaced with the logo.

This is good for being in public but also to show others how good the app is without showing balances!

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Great idea, it would be really good for saving the change pot so that you can let it build up and even ad to it without knowing just how much you have until you decide to remove the hide toggle.

Hide the pot?

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That’s I do. Was gobsmacked how much was in some of my pots at 0% now.

Missed out on, ooh, 5 or 6p interest :scream:



But then if you want to top it up with say money left at the end of the month you will then see the balance when transferring into it

No. I just use a previous transaction and use the Add function within that. No need to unhide it then :person_shrugging:


Do we know if this feature is in progress at all? Hiding balances on all accounts and pots seems like a no-brainer at this point. With the ability to add multiple bank accounts, scrolling through the app in public just gives a way too much to random strangers.

There are many other apps that do it, so why not Monzo? I don’t necessarily want strangers to see how much cash I have in pots and all of my other accounts.

Is there a way to vote for this feature anywhere ?

Voting is top left.

19 votes in 4 years seems to mean it’s not very popular.

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