Hidden Pots and Auto Pot Payments


A few suggestions I have thought of:

  1. I’d love to have the ability to hide a pot, so it doesn’t appear in the pot list. I know you can lock a pot, but I am thinking that with one toggle button you could show/hide the hidden pots. This would be partly if my friends or family catch a glimpse of my monzo app, I don’t want them seeing the balance of my ISA when day to day I’m not that flush, and partly because of the old addage “out of sight, out of mind” which for longer term goal pots, you aren’t tempted to start pilphering them.

  2. The ability to be able to assign recognised retailers to take from certain pots. I love that direct debits can now be paid from pots and this is very useful, but I keep having an issue where tesco/sainsburys get declined because I have forgotten to move money out of my groceries pot. If Monzo could recognise a handful of grocery/fuel retailers and automatically pay from grocery/fuel pots it would reduce user input and save time and reduce declined transactions.



Your first point is already actively in development and is actually already available on Android Devices through Monzo Labs in your settings. If you’re on iOS like me, we have a to wait a little while although we’re keeping fingers crossed for this weeks release. Hidden Pots was announced here: Progress update: Core App

Second point is something that has been mentioned a few times, theres a number of threads for it already so make sure to go search for them and vote for them. heres one thread from a quick search: Allocate payment from pot

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You can set up IFTTT to deal with (2.), but only if you use a Personal Account (IFTTT doesn’t work with Joint Accounts yet :crossed_fingers:)

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Thanks, good to know; unfortunately it’s the Joint pot where this problem always occurs as it’s most frequently used for those types of tranactions! I’ll keep an eye out.

Thanks for letting me know. I’ll take a look. I’m on iOS so I’ll keep waiting!