Help to Buy ISA

Any plans from Monzo to offer the Help to Buy ISA, or perhaps transfer them in from another provider? I know that the scheme is closing soon, so perhaps not… But I wondered just in case. Otherwise, any plans to support the Lifetime ISA directly?

Help to Buy ISA has been suggested here:

There is also an existing thread suggesting Lifetime ISAs here (they aren’t the easiest to find!):

I personally can’t understand why they aren’t offering them given that most people looking to buy will have one with potentially a lot of savings in it!

Further to the above, there have been no announcements that they plan to offer this :slight_smile:

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Help to Buy ISA are finishing this month. So unlikely they’d introduce them now.

Most banks aren’t offering the LISA because, well, they look pretty risky because the downsides of taking money out for not-the-stated-purpose is punitive and the general rumour is that they are afraid that they’ll get into hot water with a mis-selling scandal or similar.

Yup, I mentioned that they are finishing soon in my message, which was why I also asked about the LISA :wink: