Monzo offering LISA?

I currently have a Lifetime ISA with HL but would love to have it with Monzo so I could keep it in one place. Has Monzo considered potentially offering this.

I am currently using my LISA to save for my first home but intend on continuing to fill each year for my retirement thereafter.

I have a skipton lisa id also like to see in monzo but it im being honest if it requires me taking a 0.15-0.2% cut then i ll just not connect it

I remember seeing that Monzo’s current licence doesn’t allow them to provide a LISA but I’d happily move it over even with the commission if it was available. For me the LISA is about the bonus rather than the interest rate.

Any updates to LISA offering?

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I’d advise you to ensure you look at your options for retirement, I would investigate your workplace pension as well as a SIPP. One of those may be better suited to your needs. A quick youtube of LISA vs SIPP may change your mind.