Has discourse always done this?

Jumping profile pictures:


No… looks like a bug to me.

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At least I look stable. In your app. :exploding_head:

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Does this on Desktop, if you click on the profile pic. Sort of bounces as if to indicate you’re on this dudes profile.

I got it to happen on my mobile in Chrome

Held down on the profile icon. Cancelled the resulting menu

Yep same way for me, happened by accident as I was scrolling on chrome mobile and thought someone managed to gif their profile picture.

Is it just ‘you’ that is jumping? (not your personally) In other words, your account profile picture is animated to differentiate you from everyone else in the feed?

I’ve not seen this yet in my discourse feed, but I don’t usually look at my posts in that level of detail :wink:

No you can do it on anyone’s if you press and hold:


Cool - now I’m going up-and-down! Love it! :roller_coaster:

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Hope that burns calories :crossed_fingers:


This has been a thing for me for a while, when using discourse on mobile and holding a profile picture.

I have always thought it rather random.