Has anyone set up Klarna as a payment method on their e-commerce website with a Monzo Business account?

Hi All,

I have just tried to set up Klarna as a payment method on my website and have found out that my Monzo Business account doesn’t have an IBAN number, which is needed for Klarna set-up to pay funds in to.

The official line from Monzo is to use an online IBAN generator, but they have said it’s likely some payments will fail as they are not connected to the SWIFT system… this sounds pretty flakey but I was wondering if anyone else has used this system to install Klarna on their website? If so, would you recommend it?

Does anyone else have any other suggestions on how to install Klarna aside from opening another business bank account?

Many thanks in advance


It’s not worth the risk.

Open an account that has an IBAN.

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When things get stuck in the SWIFT system they are all but gone for good in many cases. Little you can do with a small transfer stuck in some itermediary bank in the middle of nowhere.

Definitely don’t risk this.

It’s not flakey. Generating one’s own IBAN isn’t recommended because there are a couple of instances where the check digits can produce a false result where they are valid for two different IBAN strings, I believe.

I have, I’ve had payments come from Klarna without any trouble. I can’t remember if I had to put in an IBAN to be honest, but if I did I must have generated one and crossed my fingers. I’ve had payments from them without trouble though. (I’ve since deactivated it from my site, as a lot of people were using it for very small payment amounts, and it wasn’t worth waiting so long for payments to arrive).