Harry's Razors

I see their ads a lot - does anyone have any feedback about using them?

Yep! Been using them for a few months now and very happy with the service and the quality of the blades.

The packaging is great and the presentation of the product has a premium feel to it.

Unfortunately I had to throw both of the razors I received in the bin. The amount of cuts I got from the razors was ridiculous. I had previously used Gillette 5 blades without any issues, but sadly, the Harry’s blades did not agree with my face.

They have a trial you can use to try the product. Why not try it and see. Sadly it didn’t work for me.

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Both me and the better half use them. They’re exactly as marketed: excellent blades and much cheaper than the big names.

Yup I use them too. I got then when they had a limited edition pride razor. I don’t have a subscription because I don’t shave often enough to make use of it but even buying the blades as one off purchases still works out cheap.

I had the same experience, sliced my face to bits, and went back to Fusion blades. Shame as I really wanted to get on board with Harry’s, but sadly couldn’t.

I use Dollar Shave Club - anyone else? Costs me £8/2mo for 4 blades delivered every 2mo.

I have a super infrequent subscription with them. Blades are great and the service is wonderful in my experience.

(Also if you still have a really old style Cornerstone handle, you can use that with the Harry’s blades. I switched over to Harry’s when Cornerstone brought in their new blades over a year ago. :eyes:)

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Thanks all :slight_smile: I’ve made an initial order. I used the code REFRESH to get a free facewash too (I’d finally succumbed to clicking through a facebook ad then asked here to get impressions). Will see how I find them! There are a couple of weeks between the first blade and the next set, so if I’m not keen I would just cancel.

I added a £5 referral code to Referral Wiki: Post/Find Here