Happy Cakeday!

(Saveen) #1

I notice that a lot of Monzonauts :monzo: are reaching Cakeday :cake: today! (07/12/16)


Wow, has it really been a year already?!

Okay, so I realise that cakeday_enabled is just another site setting baked into Discourse (see what I did there? :wink:) but it’s still a fun milestone and great to reflect upon everything that has happened over the last year.

For me, the Monzo product experience has been unquestionably first-class. But I always expected it to be. What I hadn’t anticipated was the fabulous community spirit and sense of shared mission that has developed alongside the product.

There have been some fascinating discussions over the last 12 months, here’s to the next 12!


(Zainab Khan) #2

Love this!! I am in awe of how amazing and passionate this community is! :raised_hands: Looking forward to the next 12 and many more. :tada:

Now, does somebody know where I can get good cake? I’ll blow out the candles on everyone’s behalf :wink:

(Saveen) #3

Thanks @Zainab

http://www.konditorandcook.com always do a great job! :cake: :wink:


I’m sure there’s somewhere on a map here… https://monzo.com/oldstreet/


or should that be https://moanzo.com/oldstreet/ ?


I did not expect that to redirect. I should have.


(Kieran McCann ) #8

Happy one year anniversary :monzo:nauts, now make a wish. :laughing::kissing:

(Colin Robinson) #9

I wish I’d found out about :monzo: sooner :slight_smile:

My cakeday is March 23!

(Tristan Thomas) #10

Do I win? :stuck_out_tongue:


(Saveen) #11

Don’t worry Colin, you’re still very much an early adopter in the grand scale…

*Tweet via @simon_tomes

(Saveen) #12

Yes! :+1: It’s Discourse tradition that the founding member buys cake for everyone :wink:

I’ve added Monzo + Konditor & Cook to the map…

(Kieran McCann ) #13

I’m only on my 5th month of ownership, wasn’t I late to the game. :laughing: