Pots within pots to better organise money

Hi guys!

I don’t know if this has already been suggested but something that would be incredibly useful to me at the moment is having pots within pots.

Let me explain the context.

So I’m currently organising a stag do. I have everyone’s money for the event. I know accomodation costs X amount. Activity 1 costs X, activity 2 costs X, food costs X etc. But I haven’t been charged for anything yet so I want a place to keep all of the money, but I also want it broken down so I don’t accidentally over spend on anything and I can see what funds I have left over so I can allocate them accordingly.

1 way I could manage this is to have lots of individual pots. That feels really messy to me though. Instead of having to divide these expenses into multiple pots to keep them separate it would be useful to have 1 pot with all the money in and then for me to be able to further drill down and break up the money as I see fit.

This could even go 1 step further by showing me graphs with a break down of where I am allocating money to make it visual.

I can think of lots of examples where this would be useful. Holidays, home management etc.

Would this be possible? Potentially useful to anyone else?

I like the idea. Kind of like an overall project being broken down into mini projects.

I suspect it’s quite complex to set up but it’s a nice idea actually.

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[quote=“coffeemadman, post:2, topic:66715”]
Kind of like an overall project being broken down into mini projects
[/quote] - my thoughts exactly!

I imagine you’re right in terms of complexity but it is the kind of innovative feature that I think draw people to the hot coral :slight_smile:

A potential way to achieve this would be to change how pots are displayed. Making them smaller icons in app would allow you to rearrange the order and group them together (the same way you rearrange apps and put them in folders on android). I think ‘grouping’ makes more sense than putting pots within pots.

edit: tagging pots, as mentioned by @tommy5dollar, would also achieve the same effect without significant UI change.


Yup. That could work as well :slight_smile:

This sounds like all you really need is being able to tag pots to relate them