Grenfell Tower Fire

(Neil Raitt) #1

Hi Guys!

If you could issue 120 monzo accounts one for each flat you could help make payments of relief so much easier. It also would make spending the relief money easier too.

(Alex Sherwood) #2

It’s great that you want to help here! But this was also requested on Twitter & unfortunately, Monzo aren’t able to do that -

presumably the obligations that Wirecard set &/or Monzo’s KYC obligations prevent them from giving cards to users that they haven’t verified.

They included a link in their reply to an article which explains ways that users can help -

Edited to include links to related information.

(Naji Esiri) #3

Unfortunately, Monzo cards/accounts just aren’t suitable help in this situation. Single top-up cash cards sometimes referred to as gift cards, would be the ideal thing to give to Grenfell residents. They don’t require any security checks or identity verification before use, which is one of the biggest obstacles for us in providing cards which people can top up and use freely. People can top these cards up on behalf of others no problem, and could even top up multiple cards to then distribute to the residents.

We’re exploring other ways we could help in these situations, so we can be more prepared should a disaster like this ever occur in future. I would like to think that the motivation which drives Monzo is rooted in empathy and understanding for the problems people encounter every single day somewhere in the world and times like this only serve to strengthen our commitment to providing a financial service accessible to all, especially in times of need.

PREpaid cards for the homeless