Found out about this this weekend, the debit card is biodegradable and eco-friendly, seems pretty cool:

Sounds really interesting, hope they have a good variety of retailers and categories to choose from.

It seems the parent company is Envision but i cant see an emoney license for them

Sounds to me like another company created to cash in on the eco trends.

How is it environmentally friendly other than offering a biodegradable card? A biodegradable card still ends up in landfill, it can’t be recyclable and is arguably more detrimental to the environment when it breaks apart.

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I don’t know much about them apart from the info on the website and a flyer I got from their stall which I came across at Vegfest London this weekend, what they explained to me is that they will have partnerships with eco-friendly and ethical merchants where you will get discounts, which I guess does prompt people to buy more at ethical merchants, so it seems to be a bit more than just offering a biodegradable card! They do say on their website they aim for no physical cards by 2025. I signed up for early access anyway, we’ll see!

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