Green Growth

If the government can actually pull this off then fair play to them, it’s taken them years to come around to the idea so hopefully it pans out.

Just need him to stop hating as much on the solar industry now


He’ll find that quite hard after Scotland leaves the UK…


Just need a pipe from Westminster to the wind farm and we’ll have no issues keeping those turbines spinning, although global warming from all the hot air would be a problem.


You think Scotland is the only place windy enough? No idea what point you are trying to make.

A large amount of the U.K.’s renewable energy generation comes from Scotland, and most of the projects being built to generate more are based in Scotland too, which the rest of the country will no doubt be relying on to meet the target.

Last I checked, Scotland wasn’t leaving though, and if they did, I see no reason why they wouldn’t continue to export excess energy to the rest of the U.K.

More projects ought to be started in the rest of the country though, we have the right climate, and the space to build enough not just for carbon neutrality, but carbon positivity. I’m glad the government are committing to at last with a deadline I can support. Now if only I had confidence they will meet it.


Exactly, it is a bunch of whatifery.


I think you’d rebuild the wall really really high and everyone knows wind doesn’t work in that case.

Doesn’t even keep the white walkers out


Scotland currently has SNP in charge and I don’t think many would disagree that one of their objectives is independence. With Brexit and Coronavirus response currently on everybody’s minds do you think if there was another referendum it would go the same way or not?

I wouldn’t be OK with paying for energy infrastructure to be built in Scotland and then the energy being sold back to England after they leave.

2030 seems far away but it isn’t really especially when time is flying by now. With this whole lockdown could make it easier to accomplish though. Slight off topics but it’s still green, another good read about renewables and how one can profit off it -

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You’re not wrong. I’ve made a small fortune off of investing in Ceres and ITM. My clean energy funds also happen to be some of the better paying dividends too. Vast majority of my portfolio is invested in renewable energy and tech, and I’m up year over year by 98%.

Keeping my eye on Clim8 Invest too.


This makes total sense @CuriousGeorge @N26throwaway

Customers sensibilities are moving into the green and sustainable side and business are following suit. Also governments are changing regulations and laws, with more or less success and agility.

It seems that sustainable investment brings a big opportunity

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My friend uses all possible options in his neighborhood to recycle everything he could
and even earn some money this way
but in my opinion the technology is not there yet and it take too much time and effort to recycle everything

Interested in this topic earlier, interesting article. Regarding 2030, I think it will come much sooner than we think.

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Indeed. Two years sooner now than it was when @CuriousGeorge wrote their comment.