Got Scammed £1,256 the day before yesterday

what an awful story. I am sure, even with the good news of getting the money back it has left its mark on you. its a violation and intrusion.

Good luck putting it behind you and thanks for sharing


I’m so happy for you! These scammers are absolute scum, and it’s troubling how sophisticated their tactics are becoming.

On another note, I’ve been a harsh critic of Monzo’s customer service on this forum in the past but I really must admit that’s pretty great service at a time when it really matters. I’ve heard some horror stories of Starling’s response to account fraud and I’ll be honest it has worried me with regards to how fintechs deal with this kind of thing, but well done Monzo!


You got anything more recent than Oct 2019 to compare and contrast with the present?

I’ve just received confirmation from GMX that the mailbox has been locked.
While it won’t stop them from creating any number of different email addresses, this one can’t be used again and there may be some evidence in there to help catch them.


Brilliant news!

Makes me feel safer about being with Monzo and will always hang up if a Bank calls now

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My Netflix payment keeps failing click here to update and my partners dvla direct debit

There are some gullible people around

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This is such a shame and yet annoying. I did receive a similar letter from HMRC but it was in the post and the copy of the letter looked like some poor image quality. As it was a tax rebait I thought to double check and called HMRC to confirm and it was correct.

Rule of thumb if in doubt call the provider directly from google search to their website directly.

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Hey I’m really glad you got it sorted and that Monzo acted professionally. I don’t trust any emails or phone calls asking for info

I’d have just put the phone down and called Monzo directly

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I had been looking at similar cases too and those from the Sun were seriously worrying, since the people went on press to get Monzo to refund. But overall I don’t think their customer service is bad at all since at least they are working longer hours than most banks which is just very convenient

Yayyy that’s great!!! I issued a report to Action Fraud but based on what I have seen about them, I dont think they are much help at all and those fraudsters (least the one scammed me) were smart people who took a wrong career path

I would have if I was not on the edge of a minor stress break. I received many scam call previously and I usually enjoy playing with them, but I guess this is something I gotta go through once in my lifetime

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It’s very unfortunate you were a victim of this but thank god you got your money back.

It’s just a bunch of dickhead fraudsters in their early 20’s using pathetic methods to obtain personal information and steal money from people. They’re all vile and really, have no other path in life.

They use many methods to steal money, you’re lucky this dirtbad fraudster didn’t transfer your money to Coinbase or Blockchain, because then you really wouldn’t have gotten a penny back as a lot of them have widely adopted to using cryptocurrencies even though they know jackshit about crypto anyway.

Thankfully I know the ins and outs these lowlifes use to phish information and steal money from people, but I do hope Monzo and other banks up their security and protect everyone’s money from these dirty little scammers.


I’ve had those mails too. as for gullibility it’s easy to say that when you read a tale and think “that wouldn’t happen to me” but I think a lot of successes for these crooks come when the scam is familiar to someone’s situation. for example if someone regularly doesn’t pay their Netflix or as I think OP said they were expecting a rebate already. I know my father was reeled in to a certain extent by the windows PC fix scam call some years ago because he had contacted Microsoft or Dell for support around that time. He did realise it wasn’t legit but it’s easy to be caught off guard

That would be extremely annoying.

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Sorry but far to many signals here to he suspicious, glad you got sorted mind

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