Golden Ticket Redemption: Incorrect E-mail

I recieved a golden ticket from one of my co-workers after expressing an interest in wanting to get a Monzo card for better financial management. However upon receiving the link to the tickets redemption upon entering my email and having a prompt to autofill (I was on mobile due to the time I recieved the ticket) the box with the email I wanted to use. And in my excitement I didn’t realise the word which gave me the prompt wasn’t automatically deleted and replaced- so my ticket has been redeemed unter an incorrect e-mail.

Is there any possible chance of having this email editted so I can correctly redeem the Golden Ticket which was given to me? I can provide any information needed if necessary. :sweat:

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Hi Stuart,

The golden ticket was to “skip the queue” and join Monzo straight away.

My understanding is that the queue has been removed, and you can just join anyway :grin: