GoHenry Crowdcube

I see GoHenry are currently raising money through Crowdcube.

Currently over 5.2 million raised!

Whilst I’m happy for them… I really want similar features from Monzo (or another current account).

In my personal situation, paying a monthly fee for the very few times my kids would use the card isn’t worth it - But I’d still like to be able to open a “current account” of sorts for them.


I’m a user of GoHenry and I’m irritated every month when I pay for the service. When Monzo do proper kids accounts they will be dropped like a hot potato. On saying that I’ve invested a small amount due to FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).


Go Henry is about teaching kids money management. First rule, don’t waste money on unnecessary fees!


Sub-cards which run off set ‘pots’ would be perfect for this and many other use cases (such as those who want to use Monzo as a ‘pre-paid’ card: get salary to main account and with as scheduled shift of £xx every week to the pot, and use the sub-card day-to-day). For the use case I have in mind, I wouldn’t mind paying £5/£10 for the physical card itself, but monthly fees, no thanks.

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My question with these sort of statements is about the assumption behind them.

Are you assuming a £5/£10 one-off fee for the facility of a card or £5/£10 every time the card needs to be replaced?

I’d be happy with £5 for the card initially.

I can then start to teach my kids about the value of money, whilst giving them a bit of freedom.

I’d also be happy with £5 for each replacement card, as this could come out of their bank and teach them about responsibility and looking after your things :joy:


I’ll be happy with a £5/10 initial fee and £5 for replacements (with perhaps ‘on expiration’ or ‘fraud replacement’ being free as those are out of the user’s control).

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Ok, thanks.

Personally I’d expect the user to pay on expiry too since it’s standard practice and therefore something that’s known well in advance.

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Yeah, I’d be fine with that as well.

Yep would love Monzo to do a GoHenry type card for my kids again fine with paying for card :credit_card: for expired damaged etc

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We trying nimbl which is a similar thing from the same people who run ParentPay. The main draw being it’s very similar to GoHenry, but only charges £15 a year and nothing to top up.