Gifting Monzo Investment

So I just dropped some money on the Monzo crowd funding effort when the thought of spreading some festive cheer hit me!

So I’m wondering whether it’s possible to gift shares bought through the app to other people? Whether that would be through contacting Monzo directly or having some mechanism in app, I think it would be a good way to not only spread the word about Monzo but create quite a unique gift!


I really like that idea :smiley: I’m not sure legally what would have to happen but I’m sure someone knows!


From what I’ve read on previous investment threads, Crowdcube/Monzo will agree to the transfer of your entire holding under exceptional circumstances.

So I think that’s a ‘No’.

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I wonder if “The spirit of Christmas” counts as exceptional circumstances… :sweat_smile:


That isn’t possible.

This round I’ve bought some shares for my children and given them a home-printed certificate signed by the Bank of Dad.

There is/was an industry in gifting share certificates. You could buy framed single shares in companies such as the Green Bay Packers or Apple. Digital is cool but there was something nice about having a framed share in whatever your passion is.

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It’s a shame, but I may end up doing something similar to that. Would be rather symbolic than anything but it’s something I guess

I wonder why this is not more popular. A framed certificate for Monzo shares would be quite nice for bragging.

I have my old Manchester United share certificate from before they were taken over by the Glazers :cry: memories . I never cashed it in for the £3 I was forced to accept either.


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What evidence do you have that it’s only on exceptional circumstances? My impression is that people transfer on the other thread relatively frequently.

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I think my original source was this communication from Crowdcube that @iansilversides posted last year:

It’s been quoted by a few others since then but without any new primary evidence (or so my forum search tells me).

I’ve seen lots of requests for shares but only two or three offers I’d suggest were serious so my sense is that this is quite rare if it happens at all. Purely a personal view, though, since no one ever comes back and confirms a sale.



Nobody said that the physical things should be free. I’m sure there are ways to pay for them, even if asking for a small sum on top of the pledge/investment.

Love this idea dude!