Garmin Pay

Are there any further plans to add Garmin Pay features to Monzo UK accounts?

Never going to happen.

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Agree. Just like Samsung Pay.

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I’m sorry to have to break this, but there has just been a month-long poll, albeit unofficial, where us forum dwellers have voted for oft-asked for features.

317 people cast 3143 votes and Garmin Pay came in…last with 11 people interested.

Draw your own conclusions as to how worth it it is for Monzo to commit development time and resources.

(Scroll up for the voting)

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Thanks all. Disappointing given how much they use tech to deliver a bank account that gives me everything I need. Apart from Garmin Pay!

The topic to keep an eye on (and cast your vote) is below.

There are also some workarounds mentioned in there too.

I think you can use Curve with Garmin Pay. If so, you can link your Monzo card to it that way.

If that doesn’t work, you’ll have to fall back in the ever faithful…


Never say never
Could arrive next month for all we know or even have in 2032

They’ve openly said it’s not on any sort of road-map so it definitely won’t be “next month”

I would say there’s more chance of Monzo not existing in 2032 than it having Garmin pay.

If Garmin pay is important for you, then you could always switch to Starling.

Let’s stick to the facts and not give false hope or wildly speculate.

It’s not facts tho. Monzo never said it’ll “never” be arriving they just said not at the moment due to it not being on a roadmap.

What makes you say monzo won’t exist

Do you ever read what you’re replying to?


You said monzo won’t exist in 2032 so tell me why

That’s not what I said. You’re not reading/understanding again. Read the whole sentence.

But what makes you say it won’t exist is my question

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