Gamify your savings 🕹

(Andrew Turner) #1

Why not gamify your savings?

Get points, badges, rewards for your saving targets. Much like your workout app’s reward you for the miles you run the same idea but with savings

  • be able to set a saving target in pots ECT.
  • be encouraged to meet your target (you have got only got this many £ to go keep it up)
  • get badges for half way point ECT
  • set a time frame by when you need to get to savings target
  • other encouraging and fun ideas
    Have a picture of what your saving towards big or small.
  • make it social and get people’s support

Just a few ideas of how saving could be amazing be with Monzo.

(Alex Rogers) #2

I definitely think this would be a great idea. In many ways it could be implemented in the same way that Snapchat has Trophies. I also had a couple of ideas following on from this, @Andy71uk.

  1. Trophy cabinets - See all of your achievements and badges
  2. Obtaining certain trophies / hitting saving targets opens the opportunity to be entered into prize draws for merchandise (Mugs, t-shirts, hoodies)
  3. I saw another page on the forum focussed around different card colours; this could be a way of implementing them?

(Alex Sherwood) #3

If Monzo decided not to do this, this would be a great app for another provider to develop, for a Monzo integration :slightly_smiling_face:

(Jack) #4

I see this as more of a third party integration however, it would make a great addition to (potential) kids accounts in the long term future. Anything which would help children to learn more about saving would be a massive plus!

Perhaps not the social features but definitely the badging/achievements anyway!