Gambling Limits

Instead of blocking all gambling transactions it would be useful if you could set a limit for a given time scale. The timescale would also act as period you have to wait to change the limit without connecting you.

Example would be £20pm gambling limit. So if you gambled £10 on 1st January and 3rd you wouldn’t be able transact anymore until 1st February and then only £10 until 3rd. If you wanted to change your limit if I applied on 5th month I would have to await until 5th following month for it to change.

There is a simile mechanism on most gambling sites but this isn’t cumulative of all gambling someone might participate in. Setting personal limits would give the opportunity some to manage an occasional flutter without it manifesting into an addiction.

I’m not suggesting this replace a complete block of all gambling sites just an alternative which could meet different peoples needs.

blocking gambling should be kept if people wanna gamble then dont add it but there are quite a few people who use Monzo have had gambling problems in the past

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Most gambling websites allow people to set their own limits I believe?


@Dan5 yes they do but it doesn’t support overall budgeting for gambling. You can accounts over multiple gambling site. This would enable you to set a overall limit.

@gavin29 completely agree and see where your coming from! It would be a completely separate feature. My position is I want to play the lottery occasionally but prevent gambling of any other kind.

So you want to block all gambling whilst gambling occasionally?

I’m not trying to be a smartarse or anything (Honest!) but hope that illustrates the issue that any system would have here! A gambling block that still allows you to gamble is ultimately useless for its intended purpose.

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Can’t you set up a direct debit for the lottery?

I’m not sure how the gambling block would handle a direct debit though.

Good suggestion @Jchurchley. Can’t see if being implemented any time soon but have my vote :+1:

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I think it by passes gambling block but not all lottery games can be by direct debit only one I play regularly is Set for Life which you cannot.