Freetrade: Free Share Trading

Exactly. And it’s gone up since too!

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Early retirement here we come!

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Another free share, got Metro Bank this time! £2.86.

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No one used my link yet :cry:

:frowning: :soon:

Referral Wiki :hourglass_flowing_sand:

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Even worst someone deleted mine without it being used! I’ve had to add it back in!

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I added mine back the other day

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Where do i out referral links ?
I cant find the referral link thread on here.
Can someone put a link to it if it still exists

Have a look at the reply three posts above yours - the link to the referral wiki. They’re right there.

Thank you for replying @HoldenCarver
Just added now :smile:

I just added my link to the referral wiki (don’t know if I did it correctly :laughing:) , got some good free shares from this already. But still hoping for that Tesla share to drop into my portfolio!

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We all are. :sweat_smile:

Thanks to whoever removed my last used one, I forgot it was there! Just added a new one. :tickets:

How often does the option to share a share come up? I think it’s been 2 weeks since my last shared share was claimed and nothing has appeared yet to share again.

First time I had one redeemed, the option to refer a friend came back the same day I received my free share IIRC. Second time it took a few days.

Hmm strange :thinking: Maybe it’s all finished now

Someone just used mine! Thank you but please reveal thyself if you see this, I want to know what you get! :star_struck:

No ones used mine still.

Edit: Someone had removed it…

My first one got removed too, ended up giving it to someone on Facebook.

Monzo Freetrade Referral Wiki

Freetrade Referral Wiki