Freetrade: Free Share Trading

@RL96 @katewilliams
Try again, too many people had @ themselves :smile:

I got go pro as my free share.

Also have more to give.

Thanks, that explains it! Just added it and it worked. :tada:

Here are my three free shares - reckon I’m on a hiding to nothing with M&S!

Anyone get anything with a high value? Saw a person when browsing the forum got two referrals a £100 etf and a £70!

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Got Wetherspoons, sold it the next day

Not a brand I want in my portfolio


I received BP, Nokia and Trainline. £4-5 each

I thought you could only get one free share in total. Is that not the case?

They give out referral links a few times a week, each one gives you a new share :smile:

Ahh cool thanks. Didn’t realise! :man_facepalming:t2:

I’m due a fourth soon! Just waiting for my dad to bite the bullet (succumb to my bullying).

Nice! I shall do the same if the promo is still going.

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How do you see your referral link?

I’m not sure it’s rolled out to all customers yet, I know they prioritised crowdfunders first.

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I had an email:

Hi there

You might have seen our new Free Share feature hyped on Twitter.

It means a Freetrade customer can invite a friend to the app and get a free share for each of them.

To get access and start getting free shares for inviting friends to the app, you just need to complete your US tax exemption form (AKA W-8BEN), in case you’re awarded a US stock. :us:

You can find the form in your profile.

Once you’ve done this, we’ll send you a free share invite within the next couple of days with the info on how to use them.

Let us know if any questions!

Thought this may help others who have joined.

Also I just sent my first buy request for Lloyds at £0.50 :laughing: I may never see that again

@KyleSJR Feel free to post in the Referral Wiki :slight_smile:


My second referral link appeared very soon after my first was redeemed - perfect timing! Now to find someone to refer… It’s suddenly an oversaturated market and no-one wants it! :rofl:

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:laughing: I still need someone to use my first

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My three are in. Better than nothing :+1:


Maybe head over to the referral thread and post this there. :slight_smile:


I got Jupiter too. Hardly setting the world alight but better than nothing!

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