Free Advertising!

Saw this today on Groupon - looks like somebody’s a fan of Monzo!Screenshot_20180520-144340


A convenient way to get everything stolen in one fell swoop


Ha ha haaaaa. Couldn’t have said it better myself @Rat_au_van

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Also does nothing to promote it as nothing more than a travel card :joy:


To be fair to them, that is the prepaid version on the picture. Should someone email them and ask them for an updated photo with a current account card? :joy:


Also the £20 note in the picture hasn’t been legal tender for the best part of a decade :scream:

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That’ll explain why the bottom part of the note looks like it’s ghosting in and out of existence

(I’m sure it’s a wonderful product for those who want one. And they clearly had excellent taste in prepaid card provider)

I hadn’t noticed the £20 was on top of the Club Lloyd card while it should be behind it unless it’s arranged wrong

Thanks for letting us know @warriner :raised_hands:

Do you have a link for this so we can reach out to the seller?

Better update the passport too.
Brexit means Brexit!

That’s the Irish version.


Here’s some proper ‘free’ advertising…


Have spotted some more free advertising on Instagramimage

Slightly more tasteful than the Groupon example above?

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Thanks for letting us know :pray:

We’ll have a look into this :slight_smile:

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