Fraudulent activity


My card was used from a different city this morning.

I have frozen the card.

Please could someone contact me.



You should be able to use the in app Help function to get in touch with someone from Monzo. This is just the community forum so will likely be slower to get a response.

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Hey Tom,

Really sorry to hear this. I’ve just sent you a PM :+1:

Don’t worry, Teresa May is not coming, he is refering to a Private Message :joy:


I wonder how this happened though - EMV cards are supposed to be impossible to duplicate. Did you enable “magstripe ATMs” in the app settings by any chance? Or was your card physically stolen?

Contactless as a payment method can be exploited in similar way as magstripe can be. I think the card scan has to be done from a closer range than magstripe cloning, but it’s doable in the crowd.