Founding member cards

(William) #1

It would be cool if we could personalise our cards at some point and if there was some sort of special card for members who joined during the early phases in beta or before just for bragging rights.

(Jon Augood) #2

I think this has been talked about many times on this forum. The current card is meant to stand out but when Mondo become a well known global bank i think more card designs could be an option.


I’d love to still be able to have a beta card once :mondo: releases fully. The ‘hot coral’ design really stands out (although I’m sure there are some other cool alternatives), and I expect most people would love to still have an investor/alpha/beta marked card for bragging rights/a small thanks for their participation in the growth of :mondo:.
(Edit: turns out the card is ‘hot coral’ - noticed in another thread. I’d describe it as orangey-pink, which I suppose is what hot coral means. Whatever it is, it looks nice.)

(Colin Robinson) #4

Well there’s the new number in the profile section? I think I’m round about #3400.

Edit: #3424 March 2016

Had to wait for iOS upgrade to finish.