Flux: thank you and goodbye

If anyone wants to connect to Flux.

Go to the help section within the Monzo app, search Flux.

You will see a suggested question which says, “turning on Flux…”

Click that, and you will be able to enable Flux on your Monzo account.


Hey Monzo, there is a whole world outside of London, just saying.

I look forward to trying Flux out in 2023.


What I can’t figure out is why they didn’t pilot conversion of pdf email receipts to Monzo receipts first. As then you could have had thousands of testers and testing on most companies.

How old are the transactions supported for? Do transactions have to be relatively recent?

We have to start somewhere! :slight_smile:


90 days


Dont try and confuse me with rational thought and logic… I’m just butthurt I dont live in london, thats all. :+1: for always innovating.

I wasn’t going to watch until i read this comment.

Heres to hoping this is the case and we can see some nationwide expansion :slight_smile:

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Will this be live-streamed somewhere? If so, do you know where?


Connecting with Flux flow feedback

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  • I think it’s quite easy to miss the bottom part of the “Connecting with Flux” information page. It would be nice if clicking on the “Connect Flux” button on the first screen above, scrolled down the page (it would then show the second screen above). Clicking the “Connect Flux” again would continue the flow.

  • 4th bullet point has two errors: “Your partner sees receipt data for payments on your joint card”.

  • Consider rewording the last sentence of the 5th bullet point to “Retailers will never have access to your contact information”. “Retailers will never access your contact information” makes me think that these retailers have the ability to access your contact information, but choose not to.


I would also like to know this!

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Does this mean that transactions from 90 days ago from today will appear or if you don’t open a receipt within 90 days it is inaccessible?


When you sign up for flux we retroactively match 90 days worth of receipts, once you have signed up all supported transactions will have receipts whether you view them or not, and we currently don’t delete them after any length of time.


Great, thanks!

I’m genuinely impressed with this as a proof of concept!

Here’s hoping it really does take off and bigger (national) retailers come onboard.

The obvious next step with all this is being able to allocate individual receipt items to different categories for more granular budgeting.


I’m not keen on this idea, as I think it would look like the Connect Flux button was broken. It’s a pretty well-understood convention that tapping a button like that will take you to a new screen, not scroll an existing one. And you can see the bit of text that needs to be scrolled into view on the first screen, indicating scrolling is necessary. Basically, I think using the Connect Flux button as you suggest would break existing conventions and cause more confusion than it solves. Otherwise, great post!


If we use the Receipt API are we able to manually attach Receipt data to transactions? ie. if I can be bothered to key in all my receipt data for each transaction?


I am struggling to understand why I need this. Not to say others who like to budget with receipts won’t have a use for it.

From my perspective, if I could tag a receipt as a business expense and then export all the data for my accountant each month it would be very useful. I just don’t need receipts for my regular purchases because my bank statement tells me what I’ve spent, why would I need a receipt for that, or am I missing the point of this?

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I see what you’re saying about “Connect Flux” going to the next page.

Would you think it would be better if the button said “Continue” until the scroll reached the bottom and then changed to “Connect Flux”?

I’ve seen other companies do similar (& have a memory of Monzo doing the same on their Terms and Conditions?) and I think it would be a nice UX.

I’m not the best person to ask about this. I have an iPhone SE, so with it’s ‘small’ screen, I’m used to scrolling and that seems the most intuitive way for me. For instance, with this screen, it’s obvious to me I need to scroll down:


I can’t think of apps where I’ve had to tap a button to scroll. But if the button changed to “Connect Flux” if you manually scrolled, I wouldn’t have a problem with what you’ve suggested. Just still not :100: sure about it as an interaction model…

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