Flex set to be paid from pot but shows upcoming in main balance

Is this normal?

I have set my Flex installment to be paid from a pot, and within the pot it shows it under ‘left to pay’.
However, today it’s 3 days before the payment, and it appears as a payment about to come out from my main balance (“3 days from now”) in the transaction list.

If this is intended, isn’t it confusing? It’s telling me the payment will come out of the main balance effectively.

All upcoming payments show in the feed. Direct debits etc. That doesn’t mean that’s where it will come from.

If you have it set to come from a pot then you’re all sorted.

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As @Revels says the “main balance” is actually a feed of all transactional activity. It’s showing all transactions from all areas not just the main account.

People have asked in the past for notes to say where the payment is being paid from “Paid from Bills Pot” etc but this hasn’t been put yet.

Ah thanks! I don’t have many DDs on Monzo yet (all that account switching…) so I never noticed those also appear there.
I guess if every single upcoming payment appears there that makes it better as it’s consistent.

My DDs (which a Flex payment probably technically isn’t, as its a Monzo to Monzo payment), always show the pot they’ll be taken from - like this:

Could be that this bit of the “pay Flex from pot” process has either been overlooked or is still being developed, if it doesn’t appear. I’ve not yet flexed anything so haven’t tried it.

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It is a bug that ive reported before. All payments from a pot are excluded from “left to spend” but flex payments are still included in that figure when they should be excluded (same behaviour as DDs and other regular payments).

The payment shows in the pot under “left to pay” but is also deducted from left to spend in the main feed.

All rather confusing and inconsistent.

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Are you on Android?

On mine (iOS) it shows the DD reference instead not the pot name

Yes I am. Hadn’t considered it might be an Android/iOS thing.

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It is. You can’t do this on iOS :slight_smile:

So, wonder if flex payments show like that on Android - not used it myself - anyone else know?