Flex Manage Tab Blank

“Manage” Tab for Flex is blank, “Manage” working fine on all other accounts and pots

Updated today to V 5.27.0


Hi @Cliffnoted & welcome :wave:

This currently works as intended on my device (Android, running :monzo: v5.27.0)

I would recommend uninstalling the Monzo app, restarting your device, downloading & installing the Monzo app & logging in. Then check if the Flex → Manage tab works as intended.

Thanks for your response - I’ve already tried this before posting just as the default action but to no joy. @davidwalton

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Same problem, 5.27 on iOS 16.5.


Are you on iOS? There coud be a pattern emerging!


Yes, sorry I thought I put that in the body of text but I’ve just tagged it. Latest IOS also @davidwalton

I am having the same problem i am on iOS


If you change the layout in Monzo labs appears to all come back


I’m also having this issue iOS 16.3.1 v 5.27
Manage tab on flex does not load I have also deleted and re-downloaded etc

Hi @Abcat & welcome :wave:

If you change the state of the ‘Overview’ selection in ‘Settings → Monzo Labs’, does it start working?

Same issue on IOS. Been having this problem since last IOS update :roll_eyes:

Same problem too on iOS

Is there a fix for this issue?

Same problem here, also iOS.
I raised this with the twitter team too, but just joined this forum so I could post this then I found this thread already!

Doesn’t seem to be happening for me

iOS here, no blank Manage tab on the Flex account… Paging @AlanDoe so he can flag this to people internally if it’s a wider issue :eyes:

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Is it linked to a certain state of the ‘Overview’ setting in Monzo Labs.

Can someone (using iOS) with a working Flex → Manage tab change the state of the Overview setting to see if it breaks the Flex → Manage tab?

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With the old view…. Yeah it’s broke


Bingo - :bug: found

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Seems it pulls that info from a server?