First Use

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Got my new Monzo card this week, for travel purposes. Trailed it at f&b, no problems and account was updated before I left the restaurant!
Think I’m gonna like this- a lot!


You can use it when you’re not traveling as well :grin:

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Careful you’ll offend the Option 3 voters with comments like that :upside_down_face:

(Peter Henry Gilfoyle) #4

Indeed!!! Will take heed of the, very, usefully advice on the forum and NOT use the Monsoon card, whilst in the USA for:

Large purchase and, wherever possible

And, of course, always insist on paying in US Dollars, on the card

Think I’ve covered all the bases, from what I have gleaned from the forum posts, unless anyone at all has additional pearls of wisdom?

PeterG :grin:

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