Fintech, a bubble about to burst?

I found this quite an interesting read. What are your opinions on this?

I do find that there seems to be quite a few challenger banks, new credit card providers, etc. out there. Let’s see what the future brings and let’s hope Monzo will be able to turn a profit with time :slight_smile:


My opinion?

A journalist has a column to fill, and fills it.

Betterdge’s law applies.


Ah that super well known fintech firm Cashplus that I just had to Google

Wonder why the CEO of a prepaid card would be so leery and gloomy about Monzo and Starling…


I’m still waiting for Viola Black to show Monzo how it’s done :rofl:


I think it’s because Monzo forgot to move over.


Repent all ye fintech believers, the end is nigh


One day that’ll be true.


You think we’ll see the end of all technological innovation in finance?! Not sure why that would be. Even if every current fintech company went bust (including the big ones like Bloomberg), there will always be new ones.

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I’m not saying there will be an end to all financial technology. I did find it to be an interesting (funny) read especially the comments made by the co-founder from N26.

While I know profitability is not the main metric for challenger banks I do think they should keep an eye on it.


My comment was aimed at @Anarchist :wink:

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Me neither. It’s not what I said


To be fair though, we really don’t know whether Monzo is a sustainable business yet because they’re reliant still, as the article says, on regular cash injections and fund raises.

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They have a plan. They’ll move into profitability through swag, merch and loot boxes. Apparently. :neutral_face:

That’s what Monzo Plus is about. They are trying.

I wouldn’t say just Monzo Plus. There are other activities they use for this, from what I gather:

  • Savings pots - they earn a commission
  • Loans

a bit like the fund raising with Metro bank , Starling bank , Revolut (bank ? ) , not to mention the taxpayer bailouts of most of the other banks with 'sustainable business plans ’ and fantastic profits , except when RBS and the likes needed £47bn (?) from us :man_shrugging: :slight_smile:

Trust me mate I think we all are…


Really what’s so good about Viola Black, find it very expensive.
There is one good thing though multiple cards which would be a good feature for Monzo.

Not a bubble to burst know but it’s a bubble. So money “banks” are coming into the soapy water, are we not saturated or will we ever? Can it become overcrowded.

FinTechs require lots of cash (masses), and run through it like water.
Loot went bust and few ever make it even onto the radar for most (iCard for example).
Trust me I enjoy the FinTech world I am not a financial person or a mega tech fan, but I am very interested. I have a load of accounts and products so know a fair thing through experience. Each offers its own but does any of them make me want to leave my current account since I was a boy? NO!

What does your existing bank have that the Fintech banks don’t? :thinking: