Filter by tags

As a user
When I tag my spends
I can filter by tags and dates
So that I can see all spends of a particular type

The category filtering and targets is great, but I often have a lot of spend that goes towards particular hobbies, activities and people.

For example, I tag gaming related spends. Sure I can search everything with the tag, but I need to know how much I spent on gaming that month or week. At the moment I have to check each date and figure out the total sum and budget myself.

It would be great if I could click the ‘gaming’ tag and see all related spends - then filter by time.

If someone owes money, I often tag #daveowes. Then at the end of the month I need to see all those tagged spends and total amount for Dave to know how much is owed. A Monzo link split is not always an option for people.

What do you guys think? Do you have ways of doing this already achievable in the app?


Hi @denby182 and welcome to the forums :wave: I see someone works agile! Nice user story!

This should be possible on iOS this now but not sure if you can on Android. What are you using?

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On top of this auto tagging similar transactions would be a big plus for me.
As @glasgow mentions you can do this in a basic form with search on iOS. But I’m hoping this gets fleshed our a bit more over time.


Haha thanks - just an ingrained habbit.

Ah okay! I’m using the Android version on Galaxy S8. Pressing on the tags might be a solution - if this is on IOS can we assume it will make its way over eventually?

I find writing user stories and acceptance criteria’s to be a pretty good habit to get in to!

Im not sure what the plans are for search If in honest. There’s been quite a bit of chat on it in the past but nothing confirmed.