Feedback on testing energy partnerships

Guessing this in the CA, is there a lot and what do they look like?


Like this;

I haven’t had these. In fairness that does feel spammy.

It’s spammy in the sense that it’s unsolicited, and doesn’t appear to have been targeted very well given that I’m already with Bulb and have set up regular payments with Monzo CA.

However given that it’s easily dismissed and you have the option to opt out of similar future offers, I really don’t have an issue with it.


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Do you have a permanent dismiss option?

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He certainly should.

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I can Clear (Dismiss) this from my feed (which I have done) but no there is no opt-out for this sort of thing. I think it will probably be added on later when full CA will be rolled to everyone at least I hope opt-out option will be given for any sort of offers.

I’m pretty sure it’s this option from the screenshot that Bob shared..


presumably you see that after tapping this button -


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Well I am pretty sure I did not see these when I pressed dismiss

Maybe Android users don’t have opt-out yet :slight_smile:

If you just dismissed the feed item from your feed (without tapping into the feed item first), then you won’t have seen it.

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When I tapped on it I was delivered directly to Bulb page which said something like Monzo is giving you £25

I am with Bulb already so this was but curious because if I recommend someone they get £50 and I think same for me for the recommendation. Monzo seems to be getting a bad deal from Bulb.

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They’ve explained how the referral fee is being split here -

I am not sure how they are only getting £50 from bulb when Bulb seems to be offering £50 for referring and another £50 to whoever signed up. Like I said Monzo seem to be getting bit of a bad deal from Bulb

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There are people at Bulb Community actively sharing referral links to earn and give £50 (again just to clarify £50 for whoever will sign up and £50 for whoever referred that’s £100 in total unlike Monzo’s £25 each)


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Interesting point.

I expect Monzo will continue using this model of collecting some of their partner’s referral incentives, which may sometimes mean that the user receives a smaller incentive, in the future - assuming that this test & others work. We also know that they’ll be transparent about the incentive (the £25 in this instance), that they’re receiving for promoting their partner.

So lets assume that Monzo’s testing whether or not losing £25 of the incentive puts you off signing up through them. If they’d told you that they’re collecting £75 (the £25 you’re giving up + the £50 that Bulb gives referrers) & you’re collecting £25, how would you have felt about that?

It’s not about how I feel mate, of course, I expect Monzo to make money if people switch via Monzo app/referral but I don’t expect Monzo to offer a bad deal compared to the one which I can send you right now (via my own referral link) or anyone with Bulb can send.


“No, never ask me again” is the dismiss forever

sorry, late to this party


Have to say that I agree with @alisufyan on this. Monzo dropped the ball with this offer. Monzo should be getting £50 from Bulb for referring, and the switching customer should also get £50 from Bulb. That’s the current deal with Bulb, not sure why Monzo settled for anything less :thinking:


I know there’s talk of an opt out, the screens I’ve seen seem to only have a button to opt out of similar offers. (I had this ad in my feed the other day but didn’t click it because I didn’t want to encourage it, so don’t know what follows on if you do click it).

But I really hope there’ll be an option to opt out of ALL in feed offers.

What follows are the two screenshots (in reverse order) in Alex’s post above:

From @philhewinson Head of Partnerships: