Fee Free for US TD Bank Visa Debit customers

I have American family joining me on a European trip this summer and they wanted a simple way of us being able to split bills etc. I asked a few questions here at Monozo and TD Bank (10th Largest in US) and after a couple of trials I can confirm that any monies sent to my Monzo card (through Monzo.me/username) from their TD Bank Visa Debit card was fee free and instant.

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don’t know if you are aware but Monzo.me does have transfer limits - from memory £100 / day and £1000/ month maximum - yep - just checked T and Cs and those are the limits

I believe it so, and also the £500/rolling 30 day for any one card. I still think its awesome though, Getting USD transferred to GBP for Free!!!

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not too sure where your £500 rolling 30 day limit comes from ??? :slight_smile:

also worth noting that you have a rolling 30 day limit of payments into your account - maybe your £500 - mine is £1000 - which Ive fallen foul with when paying for other Monzo users and expecting to be able to receive their payment back immediately I had to wait about 2 weeks before they could repay me

This is what I read;

Maximum payment through Monzo.me: £100
Minimum payment: £1
£1000 incoming Monzo.me payments per 30 day rolling period
£500 per sender debit card in each 30 day rolling period

Read Here - Monzo.me Limits

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I think if I add the Card into my registered “Top up cards” it would then come under the standard

Reloading - Bank transfer or debit card Maximum single load - £3,750 Up to permitted card purse value

Read Here Section 2.1

Although I don’t seem to be able to find any results on “permitted card purse value” search so i’m not sure what mine is

Are you sure that TD Bank aren’t charging fees? The currency conversion in this case will be done by them. Monzo will charge the TD card in GBP, so TD will convert to USD and debit the account. Whether you’re getting a free transfer will depend on if TD charges fees for foreign transactions.


…and check whether you get a decent FX rate or not. If their not charging transfer fees, their FX rate may be poor.


Just for reference it came through as $1.30 to the £ which was bang on the money