Weekly Budgets?

(Alistair ) #1

I would like to set a weekly budget for every week for example if I set my monthly budget to £400 I would like to then set a weekly budget of £100 so I can further keep to budget and plan what social plans I can make or can’t.

Is this something other people would be interested in having as a feature ?

And if so is this something the developers could push out in the next update?


(Ryan Tarry) #2

I would love to see this as I get paid weekly. I hope this is added in the future. :crossed_fingers:

(Jake Davidson) #3

I think this would be a great feature too as I also get paid weekly so would massively help me budget between paydays.

At the moment, I think being able to change the duration of the budget cycle is the only feature missing from Monzo as not everyone works on a monthly cycle. Adding this feature would make Monzo better than any banking app I’ve seen so far.

(James) #4

I absolutely agree. I get paid weekly also, it would make the app so much more usable for those of us that are paid weekly. The budgeting and summary features are of little benefit for us until
Weekly budgets and pay cycles are available.