Exporting transactions and coming back to the app causes black screen?

(Damien) #1

This is on the latest version of the app on TestFlight. Version 1.9.25 (366).

  1. Go to Spending Tab
  2. Export in the top right hand of the screen
  3. Select January 2018
  4. Select CSV
  5. Switch app (this is on an iPhone X so did the swipe thing)
  6. Come back to app

You get a black screen and I seem to have to force quit the application.

(Matthew Voce) #2

Replicated the issue on iPhone 7 too!

Great bug :ant: spot!!

(Andrew Ross) #3

Replicated on iPhone X with various changes to what data you are exporting as well. Good spot.

(Herp Derp) #4

Did it on iPhone 8 did not have to force quit though just pressed cancel, closed and reopened

(Matthew Voce) #5

As soon as the ‘share sheet’ appears and you switch to another app or close the app the issue can be replicated.

(Herp Derp) #6

Yeah now just press cancel and close the app then reopen and it should be fine… is for me.

(Damien) #7

For me the share sheet has disappeared when I go back

(Damien) #8

Actually sometimes it does work. If you close and reopen the app.


Thank you for the :bug: report @Damien! This is already on our radar and will be fixed :soon:. Also thanks to everyone who reproduced. It’s awesome to see such an engaged crowd :heart: