Export to Google Sheets. What are you doing with your export?

Just wanted to see what everyone does to track their finances when using the export to google sheets? Do you have a fancy sheets template you’re willing to share… I’ve probably tried all the aggregators out there, but they all appear to be following the trend of adding in features for the sake of it, Cashback, payments etc.

I do find the summary tab quite useful, and positive to see the new trends feature coming, but I always appear to revert back to good old spreadsheets, tracking my months with committed bills etc.

Hit me with your ideas :smiley:


There are two very extensive topics on here that you can read through and comment on:


And this one


Definitely check out those other threads for an overview of what people on the community have achieved to date. Happy to answer any questions about the methods used etc :slight_smile:

Here is my attempt to provide an overview of my methods:

And here is a template I made that may or may not work very well:


Thanks everyone, will check out the linked posts.


If there’s something you want it to do/see that someone hasn’t already created, or you’re unsure how to do it for yourself, pop a post in one of the threads and someone will help out.


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