Explicit but musical rap/trap/hip hop

Would members of the forum kindly suggest their favourite music with a hard if not explicit edge, often made by people who’ve maybe not had the best start in life, possibly associated with unsavoury activities like illicit substance using, but with a full on bass line and rap like vocal?

As a possible example, I’d direct the interested listener to the popular musical title ‘trap Queen’ by the artist known as Fetty Wap.

I’d be most interested in such musical ditties to add to my playlist.


This track might be to extreme and explicit for here so take caution when listening.


About butterflies, so really FLY.

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Blimey @DaveTMG, I don’t even understand the question :flushed:

But Merry Christmas nonetheless…:evergreen_tree:


One may have had a slapped wrist for calling the genre by one of its common names… so I rephrased it to protect the sensitive souls.

Oh, I get it now :grin:

“Moonlight Shadow” - Mike Oldfield …?

(Now where’s my coat…:smirk:)

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