Evolution of the banking app

NatWest today announced the launch of a new app. Allowing customers to view 15 other accounts from other banks, without leaving the NatWest app. I wanted to know if people feel this is useful or just a headline grabbing story

Article states it’s iOS customers only and they’re one of the last legacy banks to support cheque imaging, which they still don’t support.

All this is, is playing catchup to Lloyds and Barclays who have had this feature live for a few months already.

Maybe it’s there way of saying “we are way behind the times but now you can see the balance of your insert fintech bank here via out app, please use our app, please”

I find account aggregation very useful, but there are already a number of indie apps for this - Emma, Yolt, MoneyHub, Money Dashboard, etc. My favourite is Emma.

However, I suppose there are a lot of people who would find it difficult to trust a small company with account aggregation and would rather do it with a major bank.

I really like Emma so far too. They are adding support for a lot of banks etc.

My Barclays still doesn’t have cheque imaging, not sure why it’s such a slow rollout.

I only know one person who has it besides business accounts.

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Phone them and politely ask them to add it, they had it added in to the app for me before I even finished the phone call it was that quick. :smiley:


I live chatted them once and they couldn’t do it, should I call the technical help desk?

I phoned the number through the app, I didn’t have to pass security that way. I simply asked if I could have it added and I was told it’s only being added if customers requested it?

I had the live chat feature added which I didn’t have before added by request at the same time too.

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Thanks just called and they added it during the call, less than 4 minutes all in :smiley:

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