End-of-day balance in transaction feed

I would like to see the daily balance in the transaction feed like in the picture (another bank’s app). It is could be really helpfull to check your daily spendings back in time.

This is “essential” for me and I really miss this feature from the monzo app.

(Yes, I know the pulse graph is shows the daily balance but they will kill it. I never see that graph because I am new)

Not my work :slight_smile: but this is what I want.

What makes it essential to you?

Just trying to figure out why this would benefit me over just a list of transactions with the dates like Monzo does currently

Sorry if I can’t express myself correctly, I am still learning english.
I only wanna known my daily balance every day and with the current list format is not informative. If I go to shopping it is mostly not 1 place to me. After 10 or more smaller transactions it is a little bit complicated to add them. In short I need a calculator to see how much money I had yesterday. I don’t have this problem with the other account.
So this one is the only problem for me with monzo. Otherwise it is very smart, I like it.

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The Pulse graph shows your daily balance (on iOS, at least).

I think they’re scrapping it, tho.

The daily balance was the one thing I liked about Barclays


I don’t have this pulse graph thing :slight_smile:

Why do you need to know what your balace was yesterday?

Sorry I think I am just not seeing the benefit of it yet (I am sure it is)

For me it was an easy way of seeing what had come into or out of my account. If you have 10 transaction send on a day it’s easy to miss one but if there’s a big change in your balance you can have a closer look.


I absolutely agree with the previous comment.
If I get my payment I can check how much money left before it.
Just in a blink.

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I no longer have the pulse graph and I miss the daily totals of my spending. It was very helpful to see the total of what you were spending each day and if there were particular days were you were spending more.

I’d recommend sharing this feedback over at We're working on a new look for the Monzo app so that your feedback is known while ongoing app changes are made.

Everywhere asks why is this important but I have limited English to explaining. I don’t understand how they can live without it? :smiley:

I don’t need an ‘end of day’ balance, as I check my main balance every time I open the app. If I look at my account late in the evening that is all I need for ‘end of day’. This is maybe why some people aren’t sure why this is needed. I can see the up to the minute correct balance whenever I look at my phone.

Or am I picking this up wrong? Are you wanting to see it for days in the past as well like your screenshot?

Yes. I just wanna check my balance any day in the past.
I very like this feature in my other banking app. The function already in the software I think. (Graph)

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